Francis Francis X7 iper Espresso Review

Why consider buying the iperEspresso X7?

If you’re interested in enjoying delicious cups of espresso, you should consider the Francis Francis X7.1 iperEspresso Maker. Created by the famous architect Luca Trazzi of Italy, this espresso machine is highly regarded for the way it brews coffee and espressos.

The iperEspresso X7.1 uses modern-day technology to produce the top tasting espressos with just the use of one finger press of a button. There’s no need to measure, grind or tamp on your own. Although some people might espresso drinkers feel that using pods compromises an excellent espresso, this machine takes it to the next level, combining the simplicity capsules with all the authenticity of a freshly-made espresso.

Brilliant color options for the iperEspresso X7.1

Coming in stylish black and trendy red colors, you’ll love everything about it Italian-inspired espresso maker that features a selection of user-friendly features.

Best points on the Francis Francis X7 iperEspresso

Best Technology:

The Francis Francis X7 integrates cutting edge technology with detailed styling and sophisticated design. Your machine understands that people enjoy an incredible espresso, but don’t really like dealing with the hassle and mess of making good espressos. Rather than having to measure, grinding  or tamp, the Francis Francis X7 will manage all of this for you. Simply pop in the Illy capsule of your liking, and then the device will deal with the remaining. The thing that makes this machine much better than other pod devices is the technology it uses: A two-stage production process. The machine pierces the capsule, injects hot water, then makes coffee through a valve at the bottom with the tablet. The espresso is mixed with air to produce an ideal crema.


Not only can you enjoy delicious espressos with all the touch of the button, and also there exists a range of features that will make this machine very simple for the user to operate. Like other pod type machines, it is possible to brew up diverse coffee drinks by simply dropping in the capsule and pressing the button. But the Francis Francis X7 mixes other user-friendly highlights which does include oversized backlights on buttons, very helpful and easy to relate graphical icon buttons, audible symbol set, an automated stop functionality along with a cup warming device that comes with metallic rings. Using these capabilities set up, users find that the equipment is both simple and enjoyable to use.

 Nice style and trendy design:

Hardly any other machines in the marketplace can say that their coffeemaker was the sole vision and design of an Italian architect who was passionate about coffee. The Francis Francis X7 iperEspresso machine was designed by such – Luca Trazzi – that has a healthy standing as an Italian architectural designer. His own inspiration has provided a design taken to another level for this machine since it sports unique details, Italian motivation and creatively stunning effects. The Francis Francis X7 will appear astonishing located on your counter and may certainly enhance the look of your stylish kitchen.

Any bad points on the Francis X7?

Plastic parts:

To get a machine which costs a certain amount of money, buyers had envisioned better-made parts. Numerous machines on the market in this particular pricing bracket are manufactured with stainless components and stainless-steel housing. This design is needless to say better and cuts down on the chance the pieces will break over time. Some buyers have preferred the plastic development however, as it’s still heavy duty and makes the machine very lightweight. And while some companies will promote the Francis Francis X7 as a chrome steel machine, the internal pieces are still essentially plastic in origin.

Steam & Brew Lag time Period:

If you’re using this machine to steam and brew in a few minutes of one another, you’ll be a little disappointed.  Since this machine doesn’t have a dual boiler, you are unable to steam milk and pull a shot of milk at the same time. Too many users who would like to make back-to-back lattes as an example, this is frustrating, but you’ll find tricks you can do to shorten the time for example by steaming the milk first. The handbook also lists a shortcut in between brewing and steaming to help you help make an espresso directly after steaming.

Francis Francis iperEspresso ( 207003 X7) Specifics:

  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 12.5 in.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Highlights: Steam wand with 1-touch brew along with automatic stop, 40 oz.  Detachable water tank comes with a 2-phase brewing process
  • Available in Colors: Black and Red

Is the Francis Francis iperEspresso worth the money?

The Francis Francis X7 iperEspresso is going to be a great buy for all espresso lovers and who like the retro trendy look for kitchen appliances. It’s especially great for those desiring the absolute benefit of capsules, while still providing you the real taste of freshly made espresso coffee. The possibilities are endless with this particular machine, as it’s possible to satisfy everyone in the family as you have a range of drinks such as hot chocolate or tea.

The look of the Francis Francis X7 is super sleek and stylish, there are plenty of practical features that make the device very simple to use and gives you more pleasure time as you skip all the hassles and mess of other espresso machines. This espresso maker is certainly a great asset to have, while the outcome accomplished is spectacular, so prepare for a great coffee experience with this special design by an Italian architect.