The Top 8 Coffee Brewing Methods You Should Know

Which coffee brewing method is best?

With endless coffee brewing strategies accessible to us today, you might be pondering these type questions like I have in the past: Does it truly make a difference if my morning cuppa originates from a drip coffee machine or a French Press? You also may have pondered like I have (and I hate to admit it.., what the hell is a percolator?

Ask any coffee lover, and they’ll concur that the strategy you use to brew your beans makes all the distinction in the smell, surface, freshness, and taste you wind up with in your cup. The coffee brewing strategy you utilize can likewise decide the dietary esteem and the measure of cancer prevention agents in your java, and may even cause diminish your presentation to the cancer-causing chemicals that happen with certain coffee brewing strategies.

Let’s take a look at the key contrasts and advantages in eight distinctive coffee brewing techniques with the goal that you can choose which one is appropriate for you.

French Press Coffee

The French Press is probably the most famous for brewing coffee and is regarded a very simple or user-friendly brewing technique. It’s a speedy procedure that doesn’t hold back on taste and produces a very dark rich brew. This technique is utilized everywhere throughout the world while using different names (such as a plunger or even AeroPress in recent times), and it’s all inclusive interest is merited: it makes awesome coffee. This straightforward brewing technique soaks coffee grounds in boiling water and after that presses the grounds out. You can locate a French press at most markets, coffee shops or home apparatus stores.


  • Particular and exceptional flavor
  • Simple to use with the correct counsel
  • Capacity to make expansive pots of coffee without repeating the procedure


  • Taste may not be ‘your cuppa tea.
  • Soaking is difficult to idealize and is a customary screw up with French press.

Cold Brew Coffee:

Cold brewed coffee is precisely as it sounds: coffee that has been brewed cold. The cold brew technique is something individuals more often than not disregard, yet it’s an extraordinary choice for the midyear months or when you need to utilize coffee in formulas. It requires more thinking ahead, yet you can’t show signs of improvement chilled coffee than cold brew. Nonetheless, it has a couple of key contrasts from customary coffee with regards to taste and acidity.


  • Novel tasting brew with no intensity
  • No caffeine crash
  • Make additional and store it in the refrigerator


  • Takes time as well as requires patience

AeroPress Coffee:

This coffee brewing technique utilizes the power of gravity to extricate season from the coffee beans. The AeroPress is an awesome alternative for anyone who need to make a solitary cup of coffee, explorers, campers, and individuals who don’t have space for a great deal of brew equip.


  • The AeroPress resembles a French press with the exception of it’s more versatile.
  • It’s anything but difficult to toss in your rucksack when you take off for an outdoors end of the week.
  • The AeroPress brewing design / concept, is actually a very green product – as it’s being very friendly on the environment (by using very small filters in its design) cordiality and produces an awesome brew.


  • Once more, you’ll wind up with just a little measure of coffee.
  • You’ll likewise need to warm the water; a small stove you would typically use for camping makes that simple.


A pour-over is the number 1 pick for those who consider themselves a bit of an expert or a ‘coffee scientist’. Not exclusively does the pourover setup look like a greater amount of a chemist’s undertaking, however this technique uncovers every one of the nuances in the beans, drawing out a greater amount of the flavors and aromatics. It’s best to use the standard coffee flavor wheel while you’re utilizing the pour over.


  • Doesn’t take you much time and that’s even though it’s making fine cups of coffee.
  • Pourover method is the best used for high-quality coffee beans. Its the most ideal approach to appreciate your coffee brews using those type of beans.
  • Produces a sophisticated AND fulfilling brew that you’ll ever do without expensive machines.


  • This one requires a filter. In case that you purchase biodegradable, unbleached filters, the ecological effect will with irrelevant and the channel won’t influence the coffee’s flavor.

The Moka Pot:

The enchantment behind the Moka pot is in its 3 chambered brew process. Water in the base load bubbles, and the steam causes weight that drives water up through the coffee grounds into the best load.


  • Quick to brew
  • Very cheap coffee maker
  • Portable


  • Some say the brew possesses a flavor like ‘a coffee shot from 15 years prior’
  • The danger of over and under extraction is high


When for the first time observe the Chemex brewer then you might need to utilize it as the vase instead of a brewer, however there’s a reason that it looks the way it does, the Chemex make excellent coffee in style.

The essential advantage of utilizing the Chemex over different drippers is limit – you can undoubtedly make 3 to 4 cups in a go, as opposed to 1 or 2, which means it’s a group pleaser when the posy is near.


  • Make 3 to 4 cups in one go
  • Extremely rich and sweet-smelling brew
  • The most attractive approach to brew coffee


  • High shot of over and under extraction
  • It’s pointless excess on the off chance that you simply require 1-2 coffees

Turkish Coffee:

Brewing the Turkish coffee appears to be simple, yet with like the most brew strategies, there’s ability in doing it correctly. The most well-known way includes Turkish coffee pot, ground coffee beans as well as water. You’ll stew the brew various circumstances and wind up with the brew that you’ll adore or detest: solid yet outstandingly tasting with thick foam to finish everything.


  • Fast and simple
  • A special, solid flavor and fragrance
  • Negligible hardware required


  • Easy to over bubble and consume your coffee
  • Won’t work with enlistment stoves – just a fire
  • The finish of the brew is salty


An “old-school” stove-top coffee technique that goes bubbling water through coffee grounds inside a little load. This strategy was most common in the 1950’s to 1970’s and was supplanted by other coffee techniques, for example, the programmed trickle coffee creator. A few people guarantee the percolator delivers over-separated coffee with a poor taste, yet others say it creates a rich, full bodied coffee cup.


  • Keeps coffee hot for longer timeframes without consuming it.
  • Perfect in case you’re making coffee for organization: it yields 9 to 10 cups!

So what do you think about those coffee brewing techniques? Ideally, you’ll have a couple of thoughts of how you need to try the coffee in the next week!


So there you have it – the above is a great summary and helps you weight up the most popular brewing methods, below is a great visual infographic on those methods that I found on Pinterest:

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