How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee Using a French Press

Making A Fresh Coffee Brew With The French Press

The french press method which is a very traditional way to brew coffee, is regarded by many as the most refined, effective and best way of getting a high quality coffee brew without the need for complex or expensive coffee machines.

The French Press coffee brewing method will require you to have a French Press device, kettle, coffee beans, coffee grinder, and water. The French Press is basically a pot that has a cylindrical shape to it. There are a filter and plunger already built into the French Press which you use to push hot water into the coffee grounds so that it makes coffee.

You will want to have medium sized grounds so that they aren’t too thick or too fine. Thick coffee grounds have a tendency to build up in the filter and cause it to get clogged. Fine coffee grounds will simply go right through the filter and into your coffee. So, keep these tips in mind.

Step-by-Step breakdown:

1) Fill the kettle with water and then boil it on the stove. Turn the stove off and give the hot water about half a minute to cool down a little bit. You will want the temperature of the water to be 205°F.

2) Pour the water into the French Press until it is 25% filled. Put the lid on the French Press device. Press down on the plunger from the top. Swirl around the hot water for 10 seconds. Pull up the plunger and take off the lid.

3) It is recommended that you grind your own coffee beans right before brewing because it will make your coffee taste the best. If you are doing this then grind your whole coffee beans in a good quality coffee grinder, such as the Burr Grinder. Remember to keep the coarseness at a medium level. For those of you who already have coffee grounds, just skip on ahead to the next step.

4) Transfer your coffee grounds into the French Press. Make sure the grounds are evenly settled in the Press. Pour the hot water from the kettle onto the grounds. You should use about 50% of the water that’s in the kettle. Wait 30 seconds and then stir the mixture for 5 seconds. Pour the rest of the water into the mixture.

5) Pull the plunger up and put the lid on the French Press. Leave the coffee for 4 minutes, then gradually press the plunger down for 15 minutes until it is all the way on the bottom. Then immediately pour the coffee into a cup and consume. Don’t wait too long because the coffee will taste bitter if it stays in the French Press for a while.