8 Key Features That Make Up a Good Coffee Maker

Getting the best coffee maker is very important for many coffee lovers

For many coffee lovers, office workers or business owners, aquiring the best соffее mаkеr for their own needs or tastes, iѕ a matter of very high priority.

Indееd, fоr many реорlе, including уоu аnd most mеmbеrѕ оf уоur fаmilу, thеrе iѕ no better wау to ѕtаrt уоur day but to drink a wаrm cup оf frеѕhlу brewed high quality соffее thе very mоmеnt уоu gеt up.

So in a perfect world, you clearly need a companion that can help you brew great coffee even at home, so a nice warm cup can greet you the minute the sun rises. Unfortunately, finding the best coffee maker for your own needs is a challenge that can be a daunting task and even a greater than spending a lot of time finding the ideal coffee shop on your way to work for another busy hectic day.

But having your own home brewing machine does provide you with unsurpassed benefits, especially if you’re one of those folks who can’t go one day without freshly brewed coffee (to many the instant coffee just doesn’t cut it). For that reason it’s highly important that you end up purchasing on a good coffee maker that you’re happy with and suits your tastes and needs.

Choosing a good coffee maker is not a decision to be taken for granted. If you are going to spend money on your favorite coffee, you will want to make sure the coffee maker you choose is of good quality and has the features you want. The majority of coffee makers are generally quite good and you will notice no difference in the taste of your coffee from one brand to another. There are some basic features to look for when choosing a coffee maker and some luxury features that may give you a better tasting cup of coffee

Things you should consider when choosing a coffee maker

Your first consideration for the best coffee maker is about how much ease it can be operated with. In other words, there shouldn’t be any difficult steps in its use. It should interest you to buy a product that can easily be used by one-touch.

Pause function is one other feature that is worth knowing. The best device should allow you to make any interruption as and when needed without any problem. Again, resumption shouldn’t be a headache in any way. In a nutshell, it should be possible to have total control of the device in its usage process. This is very useful to people who would like to handle the device in a hurry. Aside these, the device should also be programmable for any amount of hours you may need.

The best coffee maker should also be able to provide good heat retention. In most cases, this is very much dependent on the kind of material used. For instance, the ones made of stainless steel are able to perform this function appropriately.

It should be able to work for several hours without any problem. Experts indicate that the best tasting coffee maker is able to contain heat to about 80%. It is still a good product even if the percentage is somewhere around this.

Other features associated with good coffee maker design

Water filters

Coffee makers that are the best come with water filters built right in. A very important part of producing a great cup of coffee is the water filter. Many different filters are used by coffee makers, which are plastic filters, paper filters, stainless steel filters, gold filters, and cloth filters. If you prefer a coffee maker that has no built in filter, you might get an external one.

Permanent and removable filter

You can still use paper filters if you like, but when you run out it doesn’t turn into a problem, just use the filter provided

Brewing Temperature

For good reason, the machine you choose should have the capability to reach 180-200 degrees for brewing temperature. Water at this would then be hot enough for complete extraction of oils in the coffee beans. Unfortunately many of the cheaper models will not have this kind of capability. Make sure to look for coffee makers that brew at 200 degrees


You know when you have the best coffee maker on the market when your grinder is reliable at producing the freshest ground beans. You do not want to grind the night before your morning cup. Grinding should be done just before you start brewing a pot.  This way, your coffee is guaranteed fresh every time.


This is very important to the flavor and aroma of your coffee. Make sure you don’t get a plastic carafe, a stainless steel carafe is better. The stainless steel maintains the heat, freshness, aroma and flavor far better than glass or plastic carafe can. Stainless steel carafes also prevent coffee that taste burnt from being set aside over time.

I personally think this is very important especially if you have children around. Make sure the coffee maker you choose has a sturdy handle and lid. Do not leave the coffee machine on the edge of counter tops. Make sure you have a good lid on the pot and a strong handle. I know I have done this countless times and I am sure many of you too, that is get burned by the coffee we love so let’s try to be careful.

Programmable strength setting:

The best coffee makers usually have their strength settings programmable they can be programmed to mild, medium, and strong depending on your preference.

Programmable coffee amount:

You should be able to set the number of cups of coffee you would like every morning, the best coffee makers will allow you to set the number of cups you will like per time.

A pour / lock system:

If you take my advice and get a stainless steel carafe, then these are the norm. Press the lock down to pour your coffee, then press it again to lock the freshness and heat inside.

Decide on a  coffee maker that suits your tastes

Choosing the right coffee maker is not easy. Make sure you purchase from well-known manufacturers. You will be able to find replacement parts and will be assured of an acceptable level of quality. Choose a coffee maker that meets your basic needs and any has additional features you desire.

Here is a good summary of the above in an coffeemaker infographic I created the other day: