Five of the Best Brands in Coffee Machines

Below is a quick summary that are currently regarded as five of the best automatic coffee maker brands. We’ve based our information on what we’ve researched on most product review sites, consumer reports, forums and the biggest online retailers.


Nowadays, BUNN is one of the best coffee maker brands available on the market. The company started out as a commercial coffee machine manufacturer with products designed for the production of large volumes of coffee brew like restaurants and cafes.

When the company was recognized more, the increasing demand for top and quality coffee maker products for use at home, they rose to meet the demand.  Bunn coffee makers maintain a reservoir for hot water with a maximum temperature of 200 degrees. Using this coffee maker, you can enjoy your cup of hot coffee within three minutes. Bunn coffee makers have a spray head that allows all the coffee to become evenly saturated to create evenly tasting brew.

2. Cuisinart

Cuisinart are another best coffee maker brand that are at the elite level when it comes to all kitchen based appliances. They specialise in producing best selling the 12 – 14 cup automatic drip coffee machines and consistently rate highly with each model release. This company is making a big hit with new product lines of good quality as well as 5 star coffee brewing machines that are friendly to the users. They are known to be easy and simple programming method in operating their coffee makers. The company also offers commercial coffee grinders if you want to produce your coffee from fresh beans.

3. Keurig

This is a new name when it comes to the production of coffee makers. This master in coffee making is more focused on the ensuring great brewer products. The brewing machines offered by Keurig can do almost everything and anything except peeling potatoes. The single serve brewer technology is by far their cornerstone when it comes to their entire coffee brewing systems. Aside from the great tasting coffee that these coffee making machines has to offer, you can also use wide array of K-cups that are available for the machine. Preparation of coffee is made much easier thanks to the Keurig coffee machine design.

4. Krups

Coffee makers made by Krups are of world class quality. All the brewing systems that the company produces offer precise engineering and a lot of passion when it comes to quality. They use the Moka brewing technology and feature a water reservoir tank that begins to heat water which allows it to extract the great flavor from the coffee beans. It also comes with a filter that saves the aroma of the coffee, making a heartier cup of coffee.

5. Saeco

Saeco coffee machines (which is now owned by Philips) are among the great coffee makers that focus on integrating technological advancements into the brewing unit. This manufacturer is developing more commercial coffee makers geared to one touch and one cup brewing method. The finest brewing machines are being produced by Saeco as a lot of business related to the beverage and food industries have already perfected espresso coffee making through the use of their machines.