Cuisinart®’s 12-Cup Coffee Maker – Black / Chrome

Cuisinart 12-cup Coffee MakerThe Cuisinart® 12-cup coffee maker – black chrome, brews up to 12 cups of coffee in just one process. It can produce great tasting coffee with the help of a charcoal water filter that is installed to it; it filters or removes the water’s impurities.

Regular coffee drinkers  can save much more money with this coffee brewer because it is programmed to automatically turn off after brewing this way it can lessen the monthly electric bill that they can pay. It has a large cup good for 12 small cups of coffee and the large cup has a knuckle guard that will lessen the drip when the cup is full.

Good things about the Cuisinart 12-cup

The Cuisinart® 12-cup coffee maker – black chrome can certainly make a quality cup of coffee, it can make 12 cups of coffee in the one brewing process. It also has a wonderful charcoal water filter that can filters and cleans the water so it makes good tasting coffee.  Owners of this 12 cup coffee maker will save money on their electric bills with this machine because it can be programmed when to shut off or to turn off. Users can also enjoy drinking coffee even when the brewing process is not finished. It also has a very nice black chrome surface finish that makes it a wonderful addition to the overall appearance of your kitchen.

But what’s not good about this 12 cup coffee maker from Cuisinart?

The Cuisinart® 12-cup does has some disadvantages. It has a short life when the owner or user will not take care of it properly. By cleaning the machine after every use or every night can be a solution to this kind of problem, maintain it clean and always check it for problems so that it will last long.

It also sometimes won’t pump water to the ground coffee, this is because the exit of water maybe blocked or the filter is already dirty, regularly check the filter if it is already dirty, and always clean it weekly. Always remove the plug after use this way the machine won’t short circuit or be damaged.

Actual buyer ratings

If you take a look at the buyers reviews on the world’s biggest online retailer – Amazon, the Cuisinart® 12-cup  rates consistently high with average of currently 4.0 out of 5 stars, from 12 customer reviews.

In general anything above 10 reviews is usually a sign that many people have bought this coffee maker (as not many people would bother leaving a review) and so the star rating can be seen as a general trend of how this coffee maker would fair if everybody left a review with a star rating on this product.

Key features on Cuisinart® 12-cup:

  • It has a 12-cup carafe with excellent handle
  • The 12 cup carafe has a knuckle guard and a drip-less spout
  • It can be programmed to automatic turn off for 0-4 hours
  • Preparation pause feature that allows you to benefit from a coffee prior to the brewing has been finished
  • Black chrome color finish
  • Weighs in at 8.8 pounds
  • Average retail cost: $299.00 – you can get free shipping at Amazon

Is the Cuisinart® 12-cup going to be any good for your coffee making?

The Cuisinart 12-cup Coffee Maker – Black Chrome is recognised as one of the best coffee makers in its class that has many good benefits and a few low points. Probably the best thing about it is that it can make up to 12 cups of coffee in just one brewing process and can makes good tasty coffee. Like with any coffee maker, it needs to be maintained and checked regularly to ensure it lasts long.