Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso & Cappuccino Maker Review

Jura-Capresso ENA5 espresso maker with 2 beverages
 The Jura-Capresso ENA5 Automatic Coffee Center is the slimmest coffee machine in the world which allows you to enjoy authentic espresso, crema coffee, latte and cappuccinos. With this espresso/coffee maker, you don’t have to oblige yourself to go to the coffee shop every morning and keep spending 5 bucks every day  just to have a great coffee when you can actually make your own. This coffee maker is designed for homes and allows people to enjoy their favorite hot beverages within a few minutes – perfect those wanting more time to enjoy coffee before having to rush off to work in the morning.

This espresso machine is easy to utilize, as it grinds, brews as well as cleans itself in under one minute. The Jura-Capresso allows you to enjoy authentic espresso and other hot beverages from the convenience and comfort of your own home as this machine operates fully automatic. The burr grinder of this coffeemaker which comes in a conical shape offers five settings that will surely accommodate your preference when it comes to coffee. If you have guests and some of them pefer to have a decaf coffee after dinner, a coffee funnel is also present with machine. This machine is also fully programmable which allows you to customize the temperature, strength and amount (1-16 ounces), override is possible without affecting its permanent settings, by utilizing rotary dial for every cup.

Excellent things on the Jura-Capresso ENA5

This espresso/coffee maker is easy to use and allows you to make good espresso as well as great brewed coffee. Although espresso is best done using a manually operated machine, this machine provides you with good espresso when you use quality beans and the appropriate settings. You can also select from several settings in this machine for drinks customization (water output, coffee amount for mild, normal or strong, grinder fineness). The FrothXpress technology allows you to make multiple drinks and looks nice as the machine’s default wand. When you turn the automatic coffee enter on or off, the machine cleans itself automatically. It also have water filling, emptying ground, cleaning and fill beans indicators which you can read easily. You don’t have to worry about any noise that this machine will generate as it works quietly while you make your coffee or espresso. The controls on this coffee making machine are user friendly and intuitive, making it very easy and simple to customize every cup of coffee.

It has a zero-energy switch that no energy is being consumed when the machine is on the standby mode, is turned off or infrequently used. This is possible due to the presence of the Energy Save standby mode system in the coffeemaker. The automatic coffee center is a very good and excellent coffee making machine that contains several of the whistles and the bells that those more expensive espresso machines have. The package also contains an instruction booklet, reference guide as well as a DVD on how to operate the machine.

Anything bad on this automatic espresso machine?

Sometimes when you are preparing your coffee, the temperatures are inconsistent meaning the second drink seems hotter compared to the first one. It doesn’t have a cup warmer and you have to adjust the size of the cups during processing and you cannot do it before you brew your coffee. And also, it doesn’t have an automatic on feature so you have to wake up in the morning to turn the coffeemaker on. Despite these minor drawbacks of the espresso machine, it is still a must-have for your kitchen for you to have freshly brewed coffee or espresso every morning. And this machine will probably look good in your kitchen.

Features & Specifications on Jura-Capresso

  • Coffee maker with thermoblock lined with stainless steel as well as 18 pressure bars
  • Grinds, brews, tamps and cleans within a minute by just touching a button
  • Has a capacity for seven ounce beans
  • Programmable for cup size, coffee strength and more
  • Energy saver
  • Programming is made easy with the rotary dial
  • Contains a funnel for pre-ground coffee
  • Removable water tank which has the capacity to hold 37 ounce of water
  • 17 x 9 x 14 inches product dimension

My Verdict

If you’ve been looking for user friendly coffee machine then the ENA5 fits the bill. The one and only Jura-Capresso ENA5 automatic coffee and espresso center is a machine which will surely suit your coffee needs especially during the early mornings. Making great coffee and espresso is made easy and simple with this one of a kind coffee making machine.